4x4x4 Display

We are now offering the 4x4x4. It’s a 64 piece Billy Bob display that measures 13″ x 25″ when hung on typical pegboard pegs. It contains 3 colors each of our 6″ and 8″ weedless and standard worms with 4 cards of each color as well as 2 colors each of our weedless Twin Tails and 7″ Lizards, again with 4 cards of each color totaling 64 pieces. You can pick your color selections from the order form or we can provide you with a nice variety of our most popular colors. Back tags are included.

Billy Bob’s Scented Worms

Scented worms come 6 to a card.

Scented worms can come 12 to a card or 6 to a card. >>>

Our raspberry scented worms come in 6″ and 8″ and are pre-rigged with a 3 hook through harness made from Mustad hooks and Trilene 14# mono line. They come in both weedless and standard hooks The spiraling action of these baits drive the bass and walleye crazy! Please note: It is very important to use a good quality ball bearing swivel with these worms due to the spiraling action they make.

Twin Tails and lizards are 6 to a card.

The Twin Tails have a Mustad 2/0 weedless hook in the front or head of the bait. The action of the two “legs” when you twitch it make this bait irresistible to any fish! The 7″ Lizard has a 2 hook weedless harness and long curly tail that can entice even the most stubborn lunkers!

The 16″ weedless worm is a much larger version of our other worms and has a through harness made with 2- 5/0 and 1- 2/0 Mustad hooks and 40 lb test sevenstrand wire. Get ready to hook that musky or big pike on this one!

Our worms also come single carded if you’re tight on space. There is a 5% up charge on single card orders.

The same thing applies to the single carded Twin Tail and Lizard.

The 3″ Leech comes 3 to a pack. These work great on a jig in the late season when the live leech supply is done. There is no upcharge on these because it’s the only way they come packaged.

We have replacement tails for our 4″ Double Trouble spinner baits in just about any color combination.

Our 4″ Double Trouble spinner baits come in a variety of head colors and blade shapes, colors and textures.

The 5″ Jerk Shad has a 2 hook weedless harness and is very effective when fished in heavy cover.